Logo Marky is empowering businesses all over the world. With our custom logo design and website design solutions, we can help you make creative logo design services and out-of-the-box impressions.

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Unique Logo Design Services – Richmond, Texas

Logo Marky specializes in offering logo design services in Richmond, Texas, that are among the best in the world. Our team of skilled and experienced custom logo design service providers can make a creative logo for your business that will make it stand out and be easy to remember.

Logo Marky knows that your logo is a picture of your business, so we make sure that our logo design service is cheap and easy on your budget. It should show what your company stands for and how unique it is. It should also be easy to recognize and remember.

So, our team of professional logo designers takes the time to understand what your business is all about. At Logo Marky, we try to make designs that look good and accurately show what your business stands for and what it wants to do. You can choose from many different logo design ideas and design options when you use our logo design services.

Logo Marky also offers custom logo design services to make sure that your logo is unique and fits your needs. Our designers can make a logo that can be used on many different things, like websites and business cards.

Emblem Logo:

An emblem logo is a type of logo where the text is enclosed within a symbol or icon. The text and the symbol are usually integrated, creating a unified and distinctive image.

Pictorial Marks (Symbols Logos):

Pictorial marks, also known as symbol logos, use a simple and visually striking symbol or icon to represent a brand. These logos often rely on a single image to convey the brand’s identity and values.

Word Mark (Logo Types):

A wordmark logo consists of the brand’s name or a specific word rendered in a unique and stylized font. It focuses primarily on typography to create a memorable and recognizable visual representation.

Monogram (Letter Mark Logos):

Monogram logos, also known as letter mark logos, use the initials or a single letter of a brand’s name to create a distinct and stylish logo. These logos often blend typography and design to form a cohesive mark.

Abstract Logo:

An abstract logo employs abstract shapes, forms, or patterns to represent a brand. These logos don’t rely on literal representations but aim to evoke emotions or concepts related to the brand.

Mascot Logo:

A mascot logo features a character or figure that personifies the brand. These logos are often playful and can create a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Combination Logo:

A combination logo combines text and a symbol or icon to create a versatile and balanced visual identity. This type of logo provides the flexibility of using both elements together or separately, depending on the context.

Crafting The Custom Logo Design Packages For Companies All Over The World

At Logo Marky, our primary objective is to provide you with budget-friendly Logo Design Services coupled with an exceptional brand identity that will set you apart from the competition.

We are opposed to any other company designing logos that adhere to our logo design principles. From company logo design and mascot logo design to mascot design and 3D logo design, we guarantee the best online logo design services. Choose us as your top option for custom business and corporate logo design. Contact us today to discuss your project with our logo designer.

3 Logo Concepts
3 Revisions
24 Hours TAT
1 Dedicated Designer
Final Files ( Jpeg, Png)
Brand Icon/Favicon
Business Cards Designs
Stationary Designs (Letter Head, Envelope, Email Signatures)
6 Logo Concepts
6 Revisions
24 Hours TAT
2 Dedicated Designer
Final Files (Ai, Jpeg, PNG,)
Brand Icon/Favicon
Business Cards Designs
Stationary Designs (Letter Head, Envelope, Email Signatures)
10 Logo Concepts
24 Hours TAT
2 Dedicated Designer
Final Files (Ai, PSD, SVG, Jpeg, PNG)
Brand Icon/Favicon
Business Cards Designs
Stationary Designs (Letter Head, Envelope, Email Signatures)


If it isn’t 100%, then it isn’t enough for us. We follow a set of guidelines that keep us on record to ensure that each project receives only the highest-quality results.

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